Strengthen the Core, Increase Flexibility and Much More in a Simple, but Intense Class

If yoga classes no longer seem to offer the same feeling of accomplishment they once did or are not as challenging as desired, there is a similar option to consider. Pilates classes have a lot in common with yoga, but they have an intensity that helps to increase fitness levels in dedicated participants. As challenging as a class may be, it is important to know that this is a workout that nearly everyone can enjoy.

Choose a Level

The classes are great for experienced workout enthusiasts that are seeking something new, but a beginner can also take part. The intermediate or beginner classes are perfect for those that are new to exercise and want to start out slow with a program that can grow with them as their abilities improve. There are classes for a variety of levels, for pregnant women and even for children.


Start From Anywhere

Pilates can be performed at home or at the gym. It requires only a floor mat and an instructor or a DVD to follow. Anyone that is uncomfortable about working out in public can begin at home until their performance improves. However, for the best form, it is recommended that everyone start in a class. An instructor will ensure the postures are held perfectly, and this effort is the only way that all of the benefits are obtained. Some trainers offer private and semi-private classes as well as another option.

Make a Commitment

Success in this exercise is not based on perfect timing and rhythm. The movements are simple and slow, but they are also extremely precise. Control is needed to hold the body in the proper form. Even in intermediate classes, the new participant will feel the burn during the class and after. The sessions could take as little as 10-15 minutes for a beginner at home, but classes will last 30 minutes to an hour. For the best result, people should join in at least two or three classes a week.

The improvements people experience from the classes include better balance and flexibility, a leaner body and a stronger core. Many participants gain a sense of composure and well-being during the class in the same way they would while performing yoga. The workout is perfect for anyone that loves a challenge and wants to continuously push themselves to achieve new fitness levels. It is equally a good option for people with joint pain and mobility issues that cannot safely participate in higher-impact sports. Learn more at